There is a story of two lumberjacks.  Both men were skilled woodsmen, although the first was much bigger, welding a powerful axe.  They proposed that the two compete with a full day of chopping trees to see who was more productive.  The winner would be declared, “The Greatest Lumberjack in all the land.” The smaller man agreed and the date for the bout was set. When all the trees were counted, it was announced that the second woodsman had felled more trees and had won the title. When they asked him how he did it he said: “I stopped every hour to sharpen my blade”.

Picadilo Collage I

This story is so powerful because it is so important to build awareness in your life that helps you in making those small daily improvements to achieve long term results. We welcome you to sharpen your blade at Namastay 2015Start juicing, include superfoods to your meals, calm your mind by practicing yoga and participate in life- just to name a few! Continual improvement always delivers the best results. So come and create a way of life that shapes character, cultivates discipline and instills conscious living. What you do at Namastay can improve all your tomorrows!

Picadilo Collage II

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