The first lighthouse seen by ships en-route from Europe to South Africa is on the coast of a picturesque village, Paternoster (Latin Pater Noster – Our father.)  Legend has it that the name was derived from the prayers said by Catholic Portuguese seamen when shipwrecked.


It is approximately 140km north of Cape Town, on the West Coast.  The bay is frequently visited by Whales and Dolphins. The white sandy beaches of this renowned fishing village is perfect to relax and to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The peaceful authentic fishing village of Paternoster has many outdoor activities.

Besides sunbathing, relaxing and walking on the beautiful beaches you can enjoy:

  • Mountain bikingactivities
  • An internationally recognised Kite and Wind-surfing coast.
  • Learn how to surf in the beautiful lagoon of Langebaan
  • Kayak with the Dolphins and Whales
  • Long walks around the bay along the quiet beach with sea gulls for company.

The village is a sweet spot for tourists, but not so busy that it has lost its authenticity and tranquility. Essential offerings are all here, such as funky restaurants, great coffee, wine, travellers and fantastic accommodation.

For more information about Namastay in Paternoster click here.


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