1. wheatgrass 1WHEATGRASS – SUPERFOOD A fully fledged Juice Bar offers a daily Wheatgrass shot, Coconut water, Fruit Smoothie and Vegetable Juice with plenty Superfood supplements.You can be confident that by sunset you have had all the nutrients you could possibly need.
  2. SUNRISE & SUNSET YOGA ON THE BEACH Searching the world for the most beautiful locations Namastay pitches their Bedouin tent. Doing every day yoga on a spacious wooden floor which overlooks the beach.
  3. JAZZ ON THE ROCKS Combine Namastay yoga and jazz. Jazz on the rocks, only 4 kilometres away from Paternoster features Cape Town’s and South NamastayAfrica’s best and most popular jazz artists. Be sure you get a ticket.
  4. WAKING UP WIT THE BREEZE OF THE OCEAN Your own private cottage on the beach, sharing a house with a bigger group, you choose where to stay. We make sure you wake up with the breeze of the ocean.
  5. JUICEBAR – IBIZA TUNES Namastays team of vibrant, bubbly and service orientated pro Juicers will create a Juice party, with a funky vibe and Ibiza tunes, from dusk till dawn.
  6. DETOX – RETOX Namastay believes in a complete life. Since you only live once, you have to enjoy all that it has to offer. You can have your cake and eat it! Wheatgrass in the AM, glass of wine in the PM. 
  7. DECHEN THURMAN Dechen Thurman, flying over from New York, teaching together with other inspirational Yoga teachers from around the world. You feel they tap into the energy of the ocean.
  8. PATERNOSTER White stretched beaches, swim in the ocean, kayak in between seals and dolphins, kite surf or kite flying, horse riding, spectacular rock formations, Khoi-San caves and art.  Do we need to say more?


  9. FRESH FISH Life here is closely connected to the sea, with fishermen heading out in colourful traditional wooden boats to catch snoek in winter and crayfish in summer. Buy your own fish fresh off the boats as they come in to shore or dine with Namastay at the Noisy Oyster.
  10. BALANCE – FREEDOM At Namastay there’s no thou shalts and thou shalt nots. You would like to be free and make up your own mind as to what you like to eat, drink and do. It’s your life.


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